Commonly asked Questions and Answers

1. Q. Who wrote the program? A. Don Holthe is the author of Quick Quote. Don has been a professional auto mechanic for over 30 years, and a repair shop owner for 10 years. He achieved the status of ASE Certified Master Technician.

2. Q. What vehicles are included? A. Quick Quote covers foreign and domestic, cars, trucks up to 1 ton and motorhomes, from 1980 up. Models from 1965 through 1979 have locations in the program for user added data.

3. Q. Can other types of vehicles be added like motorcycles or farm equipment? A. Yes. Not only can additional manufacturers be added, the program will add them alphabetically to the menu list plus create a model and engine choice list for you to add to. The program will also create a data file for each listing you create to store the parts and labor information to use the next time a vehicle of that type comes in.

4. Q. Where do you get your labor times? A. Quick Quote's labor data base was derived from "real shop time". By networking with general and specialty shops as well as experience in our own shop, we were able to calculate flat rate times based on reality - from the people that actually DO the work. You are able to make temporary or permanent changes to the database. Also, you can change all the labor times by a percentage.

5. Q. Where do you get your parts prices? A. Quick Quote's parts prices are based on aftermarket suggested list. These prices are obtained from a variety of national suppliers reflecting high quality parts. When a part is dealer only, we have obviously used the dealer price.

6. Q. What if the parts prices are generally too high or low for my area? A. Quick Quote can adjust all of the parts prices globally up or down by a percentage.

7. Q. What if I find a parts price or labor time I don't agree with? A. Quick Quote is the only parts and labor guide that allows permanent changes to individual items in the data base. Every shop can customize the program to suite their own method of operations.

8. Q. What about sale or fixed price items? A. Quick Quote has a generic section that allows you to enter parts and labor times for repair prices that are not vehicle specific. These amounts come up regardless of what vehicle is chosen. This customizable section stores over 200 items.

9. Q. What about sales tax? A. Sales tax is automatically calculated into every quote. You set the rate and if tax is charged on parts or parts and labor. Any item can be marked non-taxable. Entire repair orders can also be set non-taxable.

10. Q. Does Quick Quote print any forms? A. Quote Quote prints out a complete estimate form for any quote. The Windows version has separate sections for labor and parts. Summary totals are shown in the same format. The shop and customer information are shown as well as the necessary disclaimer and estimate revision requirements for your state. The disclaimer can be modified to meet your needs. Quick Quote also prints a mechanic's work sheet. No special forms are required; Quick Quote prints on plain paper.

11. Q. What about work orders, inventory sheets and accounting reports? A. Quick Quote is more than an estimating program. Shop Management features include: Customer Lookup, Customer History, Reminder Letters, Inventory with Ordering, Warranty Tracking, Sales Reports, Mailing Lists and Credit Card Processing.

12. Q. Can I save and retrieve estimates? A. Quick Quote will save up to 1,000,000 repair orders (user definable) and then start to overwrite the older ones. This self maintenance feature means you don't have to worry about clogging your system with old estimates. Saved estimates are easily reviewed and can be deleted or reloaded for editing or to print. You can even search by customer to see all the estimates you've done for them.

13. Q. Does Quick Quote do invoices and work in progress? A. Yes,  and estimates can be converted to work in progress or invoices manually or automatically. 

14. Q. Does Quick Quote store customer information? A. Yes. You can start any estimate, work in progress or invoice by entering a vehicle or selecting an existing customer. A search by customer name or vehicle will also display their history.

15. Can I store store technical service notes? A. Technical service notes can be stored for any vehicle. Notes can be flat rate tips or service information you'd like your staff to be aware of.

16. Q. Does Quick Quote have job skill ratings? A. Jobs are rated "A" when a Specialized Technician is required, "B" when a Journeyman Technician is needed and "C" for a Light Line Technician. A separate labor rate can be stored for each skill level.

17. Q. What about shop supplies? A. Quick Quote can be set to automatically add shop supplies to every estimate. The percentage, to charge on parts or labor or both and a maximum amount to charge can all be stored.

18. Q. Is the program network ready? A. Yes, and you can load the program on every computer in your location at no additional charge.

19. Q. What if my question isn't answered here? A. Click on Contact Us to ask a question by email or Live Chat to make an appointment to chat with a representative.

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