Parts and Labor Estimating:


Quick Quote comes with data files covering 1980 up, foreign and domestic, cars, trucks (to 1 ton) and Motorhomes. The labor times come from actual operating shops nationwide. The parts prices are an averaging from aftermarket suggested list. Any labor time or part price in the data base can be changed temporarily or permanently. 


Invoices can be marked paid by credit card, cash, check or charged to an account or by a combination of these methods. Credit cards can be instantly processed form within the program. Invoices can be recalled and modified. Record the supplier and their invoice number for each part.


Work in Progress:


Saving an estimate as work in progress moves it from the estimate section. Printing a work in progress leaves a note area at the bottom of the page for the technician's recommendations. The is also a section to record additional authorizations. When an invoice is printed, it is moved from the work in progress section.




Symptoms is a menu list of common customer complaints. The menu can be added to immediately by selecting add item at the bottom of the list.


Comment Lines:


Multiple comment lines can be added to any Repair Order as it moves from Estimate to Work in Progress and to Invoice. There is also a Blank Line button that puts an empty part - labor line on the Repair Order for custom items.


Inventory: On Screen  and Inventory Program


Inventory items show: brand name, part number, quantity in stock, re-order level, stock level, primary supplier secondary supplier, comment, list price and cost. The cost field has a button to toggle displaying the amount. There is also an alternate part listing with all of the same information. The 'Use Alternate Part' button substitutes the alternate part on the repair order. Generate a stock order by supplier and then check in.


Sales Reports:


Sales reports can be for any start and end dates. The reports show labor, parts, sales tax and totals for the period selected. The report can be viewed, printed or saved for use in another program.


Mailing Labels and Lists:


Mailing labels print on the standard 30 label per sheet. A start date and end date can be selected and if the list is to come from estimates or invoices. The list can also be exported to a text file for use in a mail merge program.


Smart Kits:


Smart kits are canned jobs on steroids! Items are linked together like a canned job, only the program finds the labor time and part price for the specific vehicle being worked on. One smart kit can be like thousands on canned jobs! Smart kits can be saved for a specific vehicle, all vehicles of that make or for every vehicle. There is even an option to overwrite a part or labor time when it is used in the kit.


Recommended Service Letters:


Any item added or deleted from a repair order has the option of becoming a recommended service. Recommended services are printed at the bottom of the invoice. You also have the option of having a recommended service letter printed on the date of your choosing. Recommended service letters print the customer's address so that it will show through  a left side clear window envelope.


Scheduled Service Reminder Letters:


When printing an invoice you have the option to have a next scheduled service reminder letter printed on the date of your choosing. Scheduled service reminder letters print the customer's address so that it will show through  a left side clear window envelope.


Accounts Receivable:


An invoice can be assigned to an existing or new account. The current balance is displayed for each account. Statement may be printed at any time. Statements show current and past due amounts. 


Customer History:


Look up customers by: name, vehicle, date, or repair order number in the estimate, work in progress or invoice sections.


Customer Notes:


Store notes for any customer. Each entry is stamped with the date and time.


Auto Fill of Customer Information


With this option turned on, the customer City, State and Zip will be filled in with the shop information. This only will occur when the fields are blank such as a new estimate.


Recall lookup:


A link is included to the Government's Vehicle Recall web site. Enter any vehicle to find all of the recalls. 


Technician Reports


Select a report of hours, labor, parts or parts and labor. The select a technician and and date range. You can get an immediate Quick Calc or a detailed report.


Parts Warranty Tracking


Enter the supplier and their invoice number for each part. No more searching your files on warranty claims. You'll be able to give the supplier their invoice number instantly. 


View Last Visit


One click and you can see the last date this vehicle was in, the mileage and invoice number. One more click and you can view the entire invoice. Keep repeating and you can travel through every invoice for the vehicle. The click on "Today" and you'll return to the RO you started on.


Quick Catalog:


Create your shops own personal catalog by assigning a brand and part number to any item. When that item is selected, it will show the price and stock information from your inventory.


Quick Backup:


Back up your data files easily just in case of a hardware failure.


Monthly Updates:


Once a month your program will check our web site for updates. Price changes and vehicle additions are included in your subscription. Additional features may be added or offered.