Chapter Five:  Repair Categories.

Repair Categories listed in Quick Quote

There are 22 repair categories in Quick Quote.  They are:

            A/C and HEATING




            COOLING SYSTEM


            DIFF. & AXLES




            FUEL SYSTEMS

            QUICK SERVICE*

            SERVICE & TUNE




            TRANS. AUTO O/H, *


            X-TRA SERVICES*


            BLANK LINE*  

            COMMENT LINE*

To locate a specific repair, and to find out in which repair category a repair is found, you can either check the menus on the screen, or use the Index in the back of this manual to locate the repair name and then cross-reference it's corresponding category.

Several categories in the program are unique for various reasons.  They are the ones noted with the asterisks (*) above.  They are described in more detail in the sections that follow.

Quick Service Category

This category has been added to accommodate those items normally associated with quick services.  The items included in this menu consist of belts, filters, and extra items such as wiper blades.  The Quick Services here vary greatly by shop.  Some shops use these as add-ons for higher profits, while other shops use them as enticements to bring new customers in.  You are free to input times and prices into this category as you see fit.

X-tra Services Category

This category is completely user-designed.  It is a section for additional or more specific repairs from any category.  The listings that come with the program are examples only.  It contains no part or time information.  This section is used for repairs that are vehicle specific.

Generic Category

This section is for repairs that are not vehicle specific.  The prices entered in this section will come up the same, regardless of the vehicle chosen. 


Sometimes called customer complaints, Symptoms is a good place to start an estimate. You can list the problems the vehicle has and then a diagnostic charge.


This is a quick way to put an item on the estimate that isn't in Quick Quote, and is a temporary addition, only for the estimate in progress.  After selecting Blank Line for an estimate, type in your description, flat rate time, and parts price, pressing the ENTER key after each one.  All calculations are automatically done for the correct labor, tax and total amounts.


 "*Comment:" will show on the screen above the comment line but will not show on the printout. Only the actual comment will appear. 

Specialty Areas:  Exhaust and Transmission, Auto O/H  (overhaul)

Two categories have been added to the Quick Quote program that are considered specialty areas.  These are the Exhaust and the Transmission Overhaul sections.  The Exhaust category, was added at the persistence and request of the undercar specialists using the program.  The category has repairs built into the menus, but all flat rate times and parts information are to be added by the shop.  This was decided because some shops bend their own pipes and others buy ready made.

The Transmission Overhaul section has been added for Transmission specialty shops.  It makes the third transmission menu choice in the Repair Categories, and is basically used for bench overhauls.  This category breaks the transmissions down by model number.  

Data already included in this section is confined to the Overhaul flat rate times and the basic overhaul kit.  Since there is a vast difference in prices between which hard parts are chosen, there are no hard parts prices quoted.  It is up to each individual shop which prices should be in their program: new or used.  Since this category brings up information by transmission type, rather than by vehicle, all desired prices can be easily entered just once under the transmission model, and will come up for all vehicles with that transmission.