Chapter NINE:  Printing

HOW TO Print

Once you have an Estimate / Invoice on screen go to Print. If you select print at the top of the screen and Quick Print, the estimate will print immediately. Otherwise, a window will appear at the bottom of the screen for Customer Information. The information may have been previously entered. Clear will clear all of the information.  If there are any recommendations they are grouped at the bottom of the printout. If there are recommendations and you are printing an invoice, you are asked for a date to schedule a reminder letter. 

  Printing Options

Quick Quote offers a choice of several different printed estimate forms.  All of these can be printed out on plain paper, with no pre-printed forms required.  Quick Quote prints a "customer-ready" 11" by 81/2" estimate with the shop's location, phone and, if applicable, shop license numbers right on top!  

Printing a Mechanics' Worksheet - Work in progress

Quick Quote also prints a specific form for the mechanic, called the Mechanic's Worksheet (WS) as mentioned previously.  This is a particularly useful tool for internal use in the shop.  It is printed, from the printing menu, by first changing the RO to a Work in Progress in the Customer Info section or File - Save as - Work in Progress.  The worksheet shows labor times and part numbers from QuickCATalog. 

Editing the Disclaimer

Click on Edit. You can edit the disclaimer for Estimates and Invoices separately. 

Transmission shops:

A disclaimer for transmission shops has been provided.  It is called tranest.txt.  First determine which file your program uses from the information above.  Then copy that file to old.txt.  The final step is to copy tranest.txt the original name of old.txt.

For example:

copy \auto_est\caest.txt  \auto_est\old.txt and press ENTER.

copy \auto_est\tranest.txt  \auto_est\caest.txt and press ENTER.

Answer Y (Yes) to overwrite if asked.

Remember, technical support is as near as your phone. (714) 283-8500