Chapter Seven: QuickCAT & Inventory

What is QuickCAT?

QuickCATalog is the catalog program within Quick Quote, that serves as the personal catalog for each individual shop.  Along with the flat rate times and parts prices, brand names and part numbers are stored for each repair. An "in Stock" quantity is also shown. You can quickly see if parts are in stock, avoiding "Dead Stock Syndrome", (where new items are ordered while the same part sits on the shelf).  These brand names, parts numbers and quantities are all changeable from within the QuickCAT window.  To view the catalog for an estimate, create an estimate as you would normally, with at least one repair.  Then, click the "+" button on the Part side. The window will appear with the information you have entered on the particular repairs selected for that estimate.  If you are just getting started using the QuickCAT, you will need to enter the brand names and the part numbers of the items you stock. Click "Save to Catalog" to save the information.


Click Management - Inventory to go to the Inventory Utility. Inventory is displayed by brand name. Enter your inventory with current quantity and reorder levels. You can also show an alternate part for that item. Stock orders can be created and checked in by supplier.