Chapter Six:  vehicles

Vehicles covered in Quick Quote

Quick Quote covers vehicles from the current year back to 1930.  Vehicles from the current year back to 1980 include data (information that has been filled in on times and parts prices).  Vehicles from 1979 back to 1965 include the vehicle file only.  You have the capability to add your own parts and time information on these older cars. 


The Exotics choice in the Makes menu is the one exception to the structure of the vehicle files in Quick Quote.  In all other vehicles, the Makes menu lists the Make, and the Models menu lists the models. For the vehicles considered Exotic or rare in the USA you must first select 'Exotic' from the Makes menu. Then select the vehicle. The Make will show in the Make field and the Model in the Model field. These vehicles are also treated like the older cars. The vehicle files are there, but there is no data on time and parts. 

Adding a Vehicle:

At the bottom of of each vehicle menu is an "Add a " choice. Click it and box will appear to add a Make, Model or Engine to that list.