Chapter TEN:  management tools  


   Access Any of these tools from the Management menu

Sales Reports

Select Reports. Input the date you want the report to start from and press enter. Input the date you want the report to end on and press enter. The totals will display on the screen. Choose the DOS or Windows viewer to see the invoices listed. Sales are broken down into: Labor, Parts, Sales Tax and Total. You can save the file by using Save As in the File menu. Rename the file if you are saving it in the current folder.  

Mailing Lists

Select Mailing Lists. Choose to create the list from Estimates or Invoices. Input the date you want the list to start from and press enter. Input the date you want the list to end at and press enter. Choose whether you want the list formatted to print mailing labels in DOS or Windows. You may also choose to have the list exported to a comma delimited text file for use in a mail merge program. The formatting for printing mailing labels is set to use 30 per sheet 1" x 2 5/8" size self adhesive labels. Please note: The list will only contain complete addresses which include: Name, Street, City, State and Zip. 

Quick Backup

You can choose to back up only the saved estimates, work in progress, invoices and charge accounts or your time and part changes. All of the above will do both. When Quick Backup starts, press B to backup from this computer or R to restore from floppy disks. Quick Backup will need three or four preformatted disks for storage or one disk if using a zip drive.

A/R Charge Accounts

A/R stands for Accounts Receivable, the accounting term for charge accounts. When printing an invoice, select from the list of existing accounts or add a new one. The existing accounts also show the current balance. Once an account has been selected, the new total is displayed. You may then record a partial payment. To enter other payments, make changes or view reports, click on Management in the opening screen. Any selection will take you into the A/R section. Press escape to use the menus. A description of each menu choice will show at the bottom of the screen. Statements print with the customer's name and address positioned to show through a number10 left windowed envelope. Printing statements automatically archives them to show as past due if not paid before the next statement is printed.

Service Reminder and Next Service Letters

When printing an invoice containing Recommended Services, you were asked for a date to send a Reminder Letter. You can also set a Next Service letter date. When that date arrives a message will be displayed in the opening Quick Quote screen to inform you there are one or more Reminder Letters to be printed. Go to Management then Reminder Letters. The letters can be folded so the customer's address will appear through a #10 left side windowed envelope.


After you have one or more items on the Estimate / Invoice, click the "+" button on the Parts side. Stocking items will show a current quantity. This amount can be adjusted at this time. Quantities for items on screen can also be added to the inventory. An alternate part will show if one was entered in the Master Inventory program. Click "Use Alternate Part"' to change to the alternate item.

To enter, edit or view the Master Inventory, select Management then Inventory. Select 'File' then 'Open' for a list of brands currently entered or 'Add a Brand' to start a new Brand file. To edit an existing item, select 'Edit' then 'Edit an Item'. Select the Brand. The item box will appear with the Brand entered. Enter the Part Number and press F1-Search. There are fields for: brand, part number, description, quantity in stock, stock level, re-order level, cost, list, comment, and an alternate item brand name with part number. Make any changes and select F2-Save. Change the Part Number and press F-1 Search or Esc to Exit. If you select 'Edit" then 'Step Through' then a Brand, the first item in that Brand list will show. Page Down and Page Up will step through each item of that Brand. Edit and Save if you want to make any changes. You can view one Brand or all Brands by selecting 'View'. Each Brand appears in a separate report window. Click on 'File' then 'Print' to printout the list. Any changes here will not affect your inventory.

Note: List prices entered in inventory will overwrite the prices in Quick Quote if the brand name and part number match those entered in Quick Catalog. You will be able to make a temporary price change only.