REPAIR NAME                                REPAIR CATEGORY

3,000 Mile Service                         Service & Tune

15,000 Mile Service                       Service & Tune

30,000 Mile Service                       Service & Tune

45,000 Mile Service                       Service & Tune

60,000 Mile Service                       Service & Tune

90,000 Mile Service                       Service & Tune

10w30 Motor Oil                            Generic - Extra Items

20w50 Motor Oil                            Generic - Extra Items


A.I.R. Belt with/without A/C           Quick Service

A.I.R. Check Valve                        Computer Controls

A.I.R. Pump                                   Computer Controls

A.I.R. Tube                                    Computer Controls

A/C Belt                                         Quick Service

A/C Service                                    A/C and Heating

Accumulator                                   A/C and Heating

Air Filter                                         Quick Service

Alignment, Front End                      Suspension

Alignment, Front & Rear                Suspension

Alternator                                       Electrical

Alternator, High Amp                     Electrical

Alternator Belt with/without A/C     Quick Service

Antenna, Power or Tape                Accessories

Antilock Service                             Brakes

Arm Bushings, Upper & Lower      Suspension

Axle Bearing                                  Diff & Axles

Axle Boot                                      Diff & Axles

Axle Seal                                       Diff & Axles

Axle Shaft                                      Diff & Axles


Ball Joints, Upper & Lower            Suspension

Battery                                           Electrical

Battery Cable, Negative                 Electrical

Battery Cable, Positive                   Electrical

Belts, Cooling                                Cooling System

Bleed System, Flush or                  Brakes

Blower Motor                               A/C and Heating

Brake Drum, Replace                    Brakes

Brake Job, Front Disc                   Brakes

Brake Job, Rear Disc                    Brakes

Brake Job, Rear Drum                  Brakes

Brake Spring Kit                           Brakes

Breather Element                           Quick Service


Caliper Overhaul                           Brakes

Caliper Replace                            Brakes

Cam & Lifters                              Engine

Cam Position Sensor                    Service & Tune

Cap & Rotor                               Service & Tune

Carburetor-Overhaul                   Fuel Systems

Carburetor-Replace                    Fuel Systems

Carrier                                        Diff & Axles

Carrier Bearings                          Diff & Axles

Cat on Back                               Exhaust

Catalytic Converter                     Computer Controls; Exhaust

CCC-CFI Test                           Computer Controls

Center Link                                Steering

Charging Gauge                          Electrical

Charging System Test                 Electrical

Chassis Computer                      Electrical

Climate Control Pad                   A/C and Heating

Clutch, Adjust or Replace           Transmission, Std.

Clutch Fly Wheel                        Transmission, Std.

Clutch Master Cylinder               Transmission, Std.

Clutch Safety Switch                   Transmission, Std.

Clutch Self Adj. Unit                   Transmission, Std.

Clutch Slave Cylinder                  Transmission, Std.

Compressor                                A/C and Heating

Compressor Clutch                     A/C and Heating

Compressor Hose                       A/C and Heating

Computer ECM                          Computer Controls

Condenser                                  A/C and Heating

Condenser Hose                         A/C and Heating

Control Arm Bushings                 Suspension

Control Arm Bushings, Rear        Suspension

Converter Lockup Switch           Transmission, Auto

Coolant                                       Generic - Extra Items

Coolant Sensor                           Computer Controls

Cooler Line                                 Transmission, Auto

Coupler                                       Steering

Crank Position Sensor                 Service & Tune

Crankshaft & Bearings                 Engine

Cross Over Pipe                          Exhaust

CV Joint, Inner                            Diff & Axles

CV Joint, Outer                           Diff & Axles


Dash Controls                              A/C and Heating

Diff, Front Overhaul                      Diff & Axles

Diff Overhaul                                Diff & Axles

Diff Service                                   Diff & Axles

Dimmer Switch                             Electrical

Dipstick Seal                                 Transmission, Auto

Distributor, Replace                       Service & Tune

Diverter Valve                               Computer Controls

Door Lock Solenoid                      Accessories

Door Lock Switch                         Accessories

Drag Link                                      Steering

Drivability Problems                       Generic

Drum (Brake), Replace                  Brakes


E-Brake Cable, Front                    Brakes

E-Brake Cable, Left                      Brakes

E-Brake Cable, Right                     Brakes

EGR Activator                              Computer Controls

EGR, Clear Passage                      Computer Controls

EGR, T.V.S.                                 Computer Controls

EGR Valve                                   Computer Controls

Elect. Fan - Fan Clutch                 Cooling System

Engine, Replace                             Engine

Evaporator                                    A/C and Heating

Exhaust Manifold, Left/Right          Exhaust

Exhaust System, Complete             Exhaust


Flush or Bleed System                    Brakes

Flush Cooling System                     Cooling System

Front Pipe                                      Exhaust

Flywheel, Machine                          Transmission, Std.

Freeze Plugs                                   Cooling System

Front Seal                                       Engine

Fuel Filter                                        Fuel Systems

Fuel Gauge                                      Fuel Systems

Fuel Injection Flush                          Fuel Systems; Comp Controls

Fuel Injector                                    Fuel Systems

Fuel Injectors, All                            Fuel Systems

Fuel Pump                                       Fuel Systems

Fuel Pump Relay                              Fuel Systems

Fuel Rail                                           Fuel Systems

Fuel Regulator                                  Fuel Systems

Fuel Tank                                         Fuel Systems

Fuel Tank Hoses                               Fuel Systems

Fuel Vapor Canister                          Fuel Systems


Headgasket (s)                                  Engine

Headlamp                                         Electrical

Headlamp Switch                              Electrical

Heater Core                                      A/C and Heating

Heater Hose                                      Cooling System

Heater Hoses                                     A/C and Heating

Heater Valve                                      A/C and Heating

Hose (Brake), Replace                       Brakes

Hose, Bypass                                     Cooling System

Hose, Lower Radiator                        Cooling System

Hose, Upper Radiator                        Cooling System

Hose Clamps                                      Generic - Extra Items

Hydraulics or Cable                            Transmission, Std.


Idle Control                                        Fuel Systems

Idler Arm                                           Steering

Idler Pulley                                         Cooling System

Ignition Coil                                        Service & Tune

Ignition Switch                                   Electrical

Intake Gasket                                    Engine


Kick Down Cable                             Transmission, Auto

Knock Sensor                                   Service & Tune


Leaks                                                Generic


MAP or MAF                               Computer Controls

Master Cylinder                             Brakes

Mid Pipe                                       Exhaust

Mirror                                           Accessories

Module                                         Service & Tune

Motor Mounts                              Engine

Motor Mounts, Front                    Engine

Motor Mounts, Rear                     Engine

Motor Mounts, Left                      Engine

Motor Mounts, Right                    Engine

Mount, Replace                            Trans, Auto & Trans. Std.

Muffler                                         Exhaust


Neutral Switch                             Transmission, Auto


Oil Pan                                         Engine

Oil Pan Gasket                             Engine

Oil Pressure Switch                       Engine

Oil Pump                                       Engine

Orifice Filter                                  A/C and Heating

Over Axle Pipe                             Exhaust

Overhaul (O/H) Auto Trans.         Trans, Auto; Trans Auto O/H

Overhaul (O/H) Std. Trans.          Transmission, Std.

Oxygen Sensor                             Computer Controls


Parking Brake Assembly                Brakes

Parking Lamp                                Electrical

PCV Valve                                   Quick Service

Pickup Coil                                   Service & Tune

Pinion Bearings                              Diff & Axles

Pinion Seal                                    Diff & Axles

Platinum Spark Plug(s)                  Generic - Dynamic Kit Items

Plug Wires                                     Service & Tune

Power Antenna or Tape                 Accessories

Power Assist Unit                           Brakes

Power Module                                A/C and Heating

Power Steering Belt with/wo A/C    Quick Service

Power Steering Fluid                       Generic - Extra Items

Power Steering Pump                      Steering

Power Steering Pump, Reseal          Steering

Power Relay                                    Computer Controls

Pressure Hose                                  Steering

Programmer                                     A/C and Heating

Proportioning Valve                          Brakes

Purge Valve                                      Fuel Systems


R & R Transmission                          Trans, Auto; Trans. Std.

Rack & Pinion, Steering Gear            Steering

Radiator Cap                                    Quick Service

Radiator, Recore                               Cooling System

Radiator, Repair or Replace               Cooling System

Rear Main Seal                                  Engine

Rear Seal                                           Trans, Auto; Trans. Std.

Regulator                                           Electrical

Reseal Transmission                           Trans, Auto; Trans. Std.

Return Hose                                       Steering

Ring & Pinion                                     Diff & Axles

Rotor, Replace                                   Brakes


Self Adjuster Kit                                 Brakes

Shift Cable                                          Transmission, Auto

Shocks or Struts, Front                       Suspension

Shocks or Struts, Rear                         Suspension

Solenoid                                              Electrical

Spark Plug(s)                                      Generic - Dynamic Kit Items

Speedo Gear                                       Trans, Auto; Trans. Std.

Speedo Seal                                        Transmission, Std.

Spring Bushing, Front                           Suspension

Spring Bushing, Rear                            Suspension

Springs, Front                                      Suspension

Springs, Rear                                       Suspension

Starter                                                  Electrical

Steering Column                                   Steering

Steering Gear-Rack & Pinion              Steering

Steering Knuckle                                  Steering

Steering Rack Bushings                       Steering

Steering Unit, Reseal                            Steering

Super Charger                                     Fuel Systems

Sway Bar Bushings                              Suspension

Sway Bar Links                                   Suspension


Tail Lamp                                             Electrical

Tail Pipe                                               Exhaust

Tank Unit                                             Fuel Systems

Temperature Gauge                              Cooling System

Temperature Sending Unit                    Cooling System

Tensioner                                             Cooling System

Thermal Switch                                     Fuel Systems

Thermostat                                           Cooling System

Thermostat Housing                              Cooling System

Throttle Cable                                      Fuel Systems

Tie Rod, Inner                                      Steering

Tie Rod, Outer                                     Steering

Tilt Wheel, Tighten                               Steering

Timing Belt or Chain                             Engine

Tires, Rotate & Balance                       Service & Tune

TPS                                                     Computer Controls

Transfer Case, R & R                          Diff & Axles

Transfer Case, Reseal                          Diff & Axles

Transmission Fluid                               Generic - Extra Items

Transmission, Service                          Trans, Auto; Trans. Std.

Transmission Computer                       Transmission, Auto

Tumbler, Ignition Key                          Electrical

Tune Up                                              Service & Tune

Turbo                                                  Fuel Systems

Turn Signal Switch                               Electrical


U-Joints                                              Trans, Auto; Trans. Std.


Vacuum Advance                                Service & Tune

Valve Adjust                                       Engine

Valve Cover Gasket(s)                        Engine

Valve Job                                            Engine

Valve Seals                                          Engine

Vibration Damper                                Engine


Washer Pump                                      Electrical

Water Pump                                        Cooling System

Wheel Cylinder, Replace                      Brakes

Wheel Bearing                                     Diff & Axles

Wheel Bearing, Repack                        Diff & Axles

Window Motor                                    Accessories

Window Regulator                               Accessories

Window Switch (Master)                     Accessories

Window Switch (Sub)                          Accessories

Window Tape                                      Accessories

Wiper Blades                                       Quick Service

Wiper Motor                                        Electrical

Wiper Switch                                       Electrical