This manual has been written so that each user of the Quick Quote program can utilize all of the features the program offers.  Although the commands for Quick Quote appear on the screen, we have prepared this expanded information as a reference for all of the functions and capabilities of Quick Quote.

 We appreciate your comments and suggestions.  It is only through the continuing dialog between users and our company can Quick Quote continue to grow and expand into an even more useful tool for the automotive industry.

 Thank you for your business, and keep the comments coming!

 Karen McKay

Author, Quick Quote User Guide


 Quick Quote is a software specifically designed for the automotive industry.  It is a mechanical repair estimating package that comes loaded with flat rate times and parts prices that the users can load into the computer and use immediately.  The flat rate times come from a consensus of shop owners and are based on real shop time.  The parts prices are provided by aftermarket parts suppliers, and consist of the suggested list prices of these national brands.  A major benefit of Quick Quote is that both these flat rate times and the parts prices are changeable, either on a one-time or a permanent basis.  Each shop has the ability to customize the program to it's individual needs.


Much of the time spent in creating estimates the "old fashioned way" consists of identifying a basic repair, then adding time for all of the vehicle upgrades, like air conditioning, power steering, etc. etc.  In Quick Quote it's just the opposite.  The flat rate times in Quick Quote have already been adjusted to "assume" a fully loaded vehicle.  Then as you determine that a particular vehicle does not have that upgrade, then the estimate can be lowered by the appropriate amount.

The parts prices quoted are primarily from the aftermarket, rather than from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).  The parts prices used from these manufacturers are the suggested list prices.  All parts are new unless they are designated with an (R) for rebuilt, or a (U) for used.  Examples of some (R)ebuilt items are starters, alternators, and other parts commonly and regularly used in shops.

What's included with each repair job?  In general, all of the repairs in Quick Quote consist of the BASIC JOB.  Any other extras that may be required, depending on each vehicle, are considered EXTRAS and must be added.  For example, a repair of a WATER PUMP consists of replacing the water pump only.  Any otheritems, such as coolant or hose clamps, may be combined in a dynamic kit.



Quick Quote is a software that provides time-sensitive information to the auto repair industry.  For this reason, we update the program monthly.  Also, because our goal is to make our software the best it can be, we constantly add new features and capabilities for easier, faster, & better estimating and usage for our clients. Updates are included in your paid subscription.