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Setting up a Network

 To set up a network you first have to connect your computers. This is done using a router, wired or wireless. Your router will come with instructions on how to connect and configure your network. Contact technical support at the router manufacturer if you need help configuring your network.

Second you need to map your computer drives:

On the Server, go to Windows Explorer. (Right click the Start button, left click Explore). Then, right click the c: and select Sharing and Security. If it asks, you do want to share the root drive. In the Sharing Tab click Share this folder and Allow others to change files. The Share name should be set to C.

 On the work station, right click my computer. Map Drive. Select a drive letter and click Browse. Open the networks (click the plus) and choose the folder C on the server. This name will vary with each system.

Then install the program:

Install Quick Quote on each computer. It is OK the do the complete new install on each. If the program is already installed you do not need to re-install it.

On the work station, start Quick Quote and go to Settings. Select Network Drive and enter the drive letter you used when you mapped the drive.

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