Automated Credit Card Processing Benefits:

Do all of your credit card processing from within your Quick Quote program

Take deposits and payments, make adjustments and credits all with a few clicks of your mouse

Closing out an invoice is only a card swipe away

Get the same low rates or better than you have now

Your current credit card terminals can be reprogrammed to still use at no charge

Immediate transfer means no down time when switching from your old processor

Easy online access to your account with daily reports

Automatic batching lets to close up easier

Just fill out this easy form!

Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Processing

More information:

Quick Quote has partnered with MerchantWarehouse to offer you credit card processing from within your Quick Quote program. Easily close out invoices or take deposits with the card reader that simply plugs into a USB port on your computer. You can even process charges and refunds on items not entered in Quick Quote. You'll have online access to your account to view reports for any date and show settled - unsettled transactions. Batching is done automatically, no need for that close out chore before leaving every day. If you already have processing terminals they will be reprogrammed so you can use them in addition to the Quick Quote automated processing. Fill out the form on the left and a MerchantWarehouse representative will contact you shortly.