Quick Start

The first time the program is run you will be asked for your Company 

information, Hourly Labor Rate and Sales Tax. The labor and tax rates 

can be changed at any time in the Settings Menu.


The One Paragraph Tutorial

To start an estimate, click on the vehicle model year then make, model 

and engine. Then select a Repair Category and Item. The item, labor time 

and part price will be added to the repair order. Labor, tax and total will

be calculated. Go back to the item menu or change categories to add more 

items. Click in any box to change an amount or on the "+" button for more 


Select Settings to make changes to the program settings (not required)

Change the per pound price of R-12 and R134a.
Global Changes: Changes all parts or labor by a percentage, up or down.
Change Labor Rate: Put in your labor rate for A (Specialized Technician),
B (Journeyman Technician), C (Light Line) or just make all rates the same.
Change Sales Tax: Put in your sales tax rate (like 7.75).
Data Base Access: Set hard drive letter for network or local server.

Edit the Tech List and Service Writer List

Click on Edit - Tech List or Writer List to enter your employees for future reports.

Enter your Inventory (not required)

Select Management then Inventory. Go to Chapter 10 for more information.