Auto Repair Estimating and Shop Management Software

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The Quick Quote Subscription Includes:

Parts and Labor Estimating


Work in Progress

Vehicle Symptoms

Comment Lines


Sales Reports

Mailing Labels and Lists

Customer Notes

View Last Visit

Auto Fill of Customer Information

Smart Kits

Recommended Service Letters

Scheduled Service Reminder Letters

Accounts Receivable

Customer History

Quick Catalog

Quick Backup

Monthly Updates

Recall Lookup

Technician Reports

Parts Warranty Tracking



              There is a one-time $29.95 sign up fee.  Waived!

              Monthly updates and technical support are included.

              When signing up, you will be asked to select from one of the Subscription Plans listed below:


Subscription Plan and Amount

Calculated Monthly (for comparing)


60 Day Subscription - $39.90

 19.95 per month


90 Day Subscription - $56.91

 18.97 per month


6 Month Subscription - $104.96

 17.94 per month


1 Year Subscription - $188.99

 15.75 per month


2 Year Subscription - $359.99

15.00 per month


3 Year Subscription - $499.95

13.89 per month


4 Year Subscription - $599.99

12.50 per month


5 Year Subscription - $720.00

12.00 per month


  All subscription plans are charged for the full amount in advance. All subscription plans include monthly updates and tech support.

Quick Quote is set up for networking. Your subscription allows you to use it on every computer in your shop!