Quick Quote for Professionals

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    Quick Quote comes with the customizing tools to make it perfect shop management program for any auto repair facility. While most of our clients only change the hourly labor rate and sales tax percentage, every flat rate time and parts price can be permanently changed individually or on a group percentage. Additional repair items may be added to the many included for any specialty applications. Quick Quote is extremely easy to use with commands on screen and an  On Screen Manual.

    Smart Kits are the canned jobs of the future. Items are linked dynamically so they are called simultaneously with the time and price for the exact vehicle on screen. One Smart Kit can be the equivalent of thousands of canned jobs! And, the prices are updated automatically!  

    Estimates can be transferred to Work in Progress or Invoices. Quick Quote Shop Management features also include: Customer History, Sales Reports, Mailing Lists, Accounts Receivable, Parts Ordering, Inventory, Automated Service Reminder Letter System and Quick Backup.

    Printing is done in Portrait (tall) or  Landscape  (wide) mode. Options include having a tag line or slogan print under your company name and a picture or logo in the top right corner. A mechanics worksheet prints when the R.O. (repair order) is a Work in Progress. Quick Quote prints on plain paper on any printer. The disclaimer is set for each state's requirements but can be still be edited by you.

    Quick CATalog creates your shop's perfect catalog. Every shop has it's own mix of brands. Now you can keep all your part numbers in one location. 


No Sign up Fee!

Subscription Plans as low as

 $12.00 a Month!


Labor and Parts Estimating

Smart Kits


Credit Card Processing

Supplier Invoice Numbers

Parts Warranty Tracking

Customer Notes

Customer History

Sales Reports

Mailing Lists

Accounts Receivable

Quick CATalog

Quick Backup

Service Reminder Letters


Recall Lookup (Online)

Technician Reports

Transmission Bench O/H

and More!


Quick Quote for Professionals      Sample Screens        Tech Support      Questions and Answers 

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