Quick Quote Manual

Index Page


Licensing, Copyright & Legal Information 



Quick Start

Required Information

A One Paragraph Tutorial

Changing Settings


Introduction to Quick Quote  

What is Quick Quote?                     

The Basics:

Some "Defaults" You Should Know 

Regarding Updates 

Chapter One:  Installation

Installation Instructions                                                             

Installation Problems/Troubleshooting                                        

Installing Quick Quote Updates  



Chapter Two:  Getting Started 

The Quick Quote Screen 

Getting around in Quick Quote   

Setting your Labor Rate               

Setting your Tax Rate                       

Selecting Vehicle Year                         

Selecting Vehicle Make                           

Selecting Vehicle Model   

Selecting Engine Type 

Selecting Repair Category 

Selecting Repairs

Selecting Quantities                  

Saving the Quote             

Skill Levels                      

Non-Taxable Items


Chapter Six: Editing Vehicles                                         

Vehicles in Quick Quote

Adding Vehicles

Trimming the Makes List                                                          


Chapter Seven:  QuickCAT & Inventory                          

What is QuickCAT?                                                                 

Entering Brand Names and Parts Numbers in QuickCAT 

Inventory Control & Stock Ordering                                             



Chapter Three:  Making Changes                                       

Changing the program: Temporarily or Permanently

Changing the Flat Rate Times

Changing the Parts Prices

Adding Additional Repairs to a Quote

Extra Items            

Deleting a Repair from a Quote

Changing the Repair Categories

Setting up a Shop Supplies Charge

Changing the Repair Names

Changing the Message/Description Lines

Dynamic Kits - Canned Jobs


Chapter Eight:  Archiving                                                 

How to Archive old Repair Orders

Looking up Archived Repair Orders



Chapter Nine:  Printing                                                        

How to Print 

Printing a Mechanics' Worksheet                                             

Editing the Estimate Disclaimer 

Changing to the Transmission  Disclaimer 


Chapter Four:  Networks                                                        

Setting up a Network

Networking Quick Quote



Chapter Five:  Repair Categories                                        

Repair Categories listed in Quick Quote                                     

Quick Service Category                                                            

X-tra Services Category                                                           

Generic Category      

Symptoms Category                                                               

Blank Line 

Comment Line                                                                 

Specialty Area Categories: Exhaust & Transmission, Auto O/H  

Chapter 10:  Management Tools                                                 

Sales Reports

Mailing Lists

Quick Backup 

A/R Charge Accounts 

Service Reminder Letters 






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